The First Post

At 2:10pm on a Monday afternoon I decided to start blogging again.

I used to blog, back in the day 10 years ago, mostly about beauty products which I really enjoyed. My bank balance didn’t like it so much and I gave it up in the end. I’ve always missed it though, turning on my iPad/laptop/whichever gadget i’ve got at the time and tapping away.

I found it quite therapeutic at the beginning but eventually it became a chore and my ever growing pile of products began to really bother me, how on earth was I going to use so much stuff and actually proper enjoy them when I was constantly looking for the next product to buy, the next best thing.

My excessive shopping habit stayed for a few years after my blogging days were over and honestly it’s only recently that i’ve really changed how I look at the things I buy. Gone are the days of wanting every shade of lipstick in a collection and wanting to collect every Urban Decay Naked palette. I’ve massively downsized my makeup collection (now it fits into one reasonably sized makeup bag and a small acrylic box), I’ve looked into skincare and am choosing products based on reviews and research rather than pretty packaging.

I’ve extended this approach into how I buy clothes, shoes and bags too and I really am a fan of minimalism, I constantly rotate my products to use them up, I go through my clothes, accessories, everything very regularly and I really like to find things that I love. I want to have one mascara that I buy over and over, basic clothes that last years and go with anything, handbags I really use rather than store in dust bags and admire every now and again.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love a browse through Boots and Debenhams, I still buy makeup, I still like designer handbags, but I choose my products differently now rather than handing over my credit card in an instant and worrying about the cost another day.

So, other than all of that, what else has changed since my previous blogging days. I’m married just, I have two kids, two and half year old boy/girl twins, i’m still working as a nurse although i’ve changed jobs a few times (and with ten years service I have my full entitlement of annual leave which is just wonderful) and I drink a lot more coffee than I did before.

I’m excited to start my blog up again, I don’t know if anyone will ever read it, I don’t even know if i’ll read it but it’s my little space on the vast interweb and I quite like that.

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